Due Diligence – Online Scams – Misleading Offers

How many people have heard of this program ?


How many were caught out by it ?


It provides the perfect example of an aspect of working online that I’d be amiss not to at least mention on this site.


As I’m providing this blog, my website and my facebook page as a resource to help people get started in some type of money making enterprise online, its inevitable that you will come across numerous advertised opportunities which will catch your attention.  I sure did when I first started looking around … and yes, I’ve been burned in the past … I’m sure most people working online have gone through some offers that didn’t pan out or were an outright mistake.


While there are many that are straight scams, some are just built on a system that may work for a while but aren’t sustainable.  Many people do go into depth of online offers and are able to spot risky ones and will make public such concerns.  Zeek Rewards would have been a tough one to pick up because lots of people were happy with it due to making money … I never looked at it so I’m not aware if there were concerns expressed … but if I were interested, I would have checked around to see if any concerns were around … thats my point.  Make yourself aware of whats being expressed OUTSIDE the actual offer.  So then you go in with your eyes open.


So what am I talking about here … Due Diligence !!!


When you come across something that peaks your interest, dont just accept the actual facts, promises and information shown on the promotion that caught your eye.  Most of these things were put together professionally by persons who know how to sell something.  The sale is the goal.  They will promise and guarantee whatever it takes to achieve that aim … and they make a living out of being good at it.


BUT … while the internet makes it easy for these offers to be put before you, it also provides you the ability to check on it.  The net is full of forum type blogs, sites which provide reviews, warnings and overviews of such offers from those who have used/ or are using the offer.  ALWAYS do a check … just google the offer and you should be pointed to lots of 3rd party sites providing details which you can process in your considerations of joining the offer.  I like to try free accounts if they offer one … also a good way of checking how things work without losing any money.


Here is a little tip I gained from an ebook along my travels which I always use also in considering any offer that catches my eye.  The link below will point you to a product. No need to buy the product, what we are interested in is a little helpful site check option offered for free on the righthand sidebar.




On that sidebar you will see “View A Site Report”.  Type in the homepage site address of the offer you are interested in and click on “view report now”.  If its a popular site, it will have been searched already and you will get an instant overview of the site in question, its category and whether it is a security risk.  If the site or any of the linked sites are known as suspect, that will be indicated.


So, with forum/blog/3rd party reviews and a free site check, you will have much more information available to make a more educated decision on whether its something you want to pursue.


I personally steer clear of matrix type offers and get rich overnight offers and make money without doing anything offers … experience has taught me these things dont work.  Of course people will tell you they do.  And maybe for some, thats true.  I can only speak from experience, and thats mine.


Hope this helps you walk through the minefield a little more safely.  Happy hunting.


Of course, you can always follow me into the affiliate program I am a part of … been in business 15 years which shows security and stability and sustainability and it explains that its a business you need to work at and you only reap what you sow.  Any real business can only work that way.


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Thank you for your visit.  I hope this was helpful.


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